How To Light Up Your Home For The Holidays

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You’re thinking about your home for the holidays.

Maybe you want to "snaz" it up a bit, or even add some value to your home for future sale?

Here are a few quick tips to light up your home! And I’m not talking about outdoor lights, I’m talking indoor!

Don’t you just love walking in a home and getting a warm, cheerful, welcoming feeling? Well, your home's lighting is essential in producing that feeling. Even research shows that having enough light improves your mood and energy levels, while poor lighting contributes to depression and other issues in the body.

How to light up Your Home for the Holidays

Don’t just think about your bigger spaces. Remember even small spaces can make a big difference, and a well-lit room is used more.. In smaller spaces, you can increase the bulb brightness or change the size of the light fixtures. Add lighting layers, (which we’ll go into more about later) which will help to highlight the extra details and décor that you have used to finish your rooms.

Adding lights into surprising places. Lighting can be so fun, and is so much more than just overhead fixtures and portable lamps. Besides the typical lighting, you can use additional sources or types of light to give your home an unexpected glow—and a personalized touch such as LED under cabinet lights create depth in a room. Some of my personal favorite outside-the-box lighting ideas including hanging a pendant beside your bed or highlighting a bookshelf with mini lights that can highlight your artwork or other display pieces. You can also uplight plants by hiding a small spotlight next to a large plant container and turning it up at angle into the leaves

Choose the same type of bulbs. Consider changing out the bulbs in your fixtures for the same type, such as soft, bright white, or daylight. And more importantly, always check how bright the bulbs are so you can be sure you’ll be lighting up your spaces the way you want. for instance, many times you can see porch lights with different shades of light than those of the front carriage lights, or yard lights. or walk into a room and half of the dining chandelier is a brighter light, or different color. 😊  home Designers call the lighting in your home, your home’s jewelry for a reason— (and girls we definitely know how important our jewelry is to an outfit, right?) :-P … so, in a similar way, keeping your light bulbs the same will add to the finished and comfortable feeling of your home.

Keep things adjustable and cozy going from daylight to evening with dimmers. ...Dimmers can instantly change a room’s atmosphere—and even help you save on your electric bill. Install dimmer switches in as many rooms and with as many fixtures as you’d like, to gain more control over your lighting. Using dimmers will change the mood, add ambiance and balance artificial light with natural light.

Reflections create a sense of warmth. So, most of us know that lighting can add to, or diminish the colors in a room. Darker colors can make the room feel more cozy--or smaller depending on how dark., while we know lighter colors can definitely make a room seem bigger. So, to add even more warmth, consider adding mirrors in your home to give it the illusion of being bigger and warm. light bouncing off mirrors or walls is the best way to open up your spaces. You know how Your eye is always drawn to the brightest point right? by adding some reflecting light you will make a space seem larger. When hosting family and friends this holiday season, be sure to open all blinds and let the light in. This really allows your home to be enlarged by being able to see outside (and Here in Austin especially, our sunshine is pure gold)- During the day, you’ll want to let in all the natural light you can!

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